Angra dos Reis is one of the most beautiful Brazilian regions, a complex of 365 islands of preserved nature and breathtaking views.

Paradisiac Islands, a very disputed tour that we will do as a private schooner just for our group, is a tour where we will visit the most beautiful islands in the bay of Ilha Grande, in the region of Angra dos Reis.

27 to 29/11 - Angra dos Reis - RJ

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    • Hostel accommodation with swimming pool
    • Rooms with pool view
    • Pousada deep to the sea, standing in the sand
    • Restaurant-bar
    • Internet
    • Games room
    • Fridge
    • cable TV
    • Private schooner tour (only our group)
    • Drinks and food allowed on the schooner ride
    • 4pm Sunday extended checkout

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