Capitólio is in the Serra da Canastra region. It is one of several cities bathed by the lake of furnas, also known as “Mar de Minas”.

The Furnas lake flooded much of the region, the waters of Rio Grande flooded houses, farms and villages, representing at that time a great loss for the local economy.


Then came a beautiful lake that today agitates tourism in the city with motorboat rides through canyons and waterfalls.


We upgraded our itinerary, adding a 4x4 tour day, visiting several places not accessible by common transport. Check out the script and come with us.

22 to 25/01 - Capitolio - MG

    • 3-star hotel accommodation with elevator
    • Hotel in the center of Passos
    • 4x4 tour visiting exclusive places
    • Pictures on the promenade
    • Lunch at the best Capitolio restaurant

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