Adventure tourism in the extreme south of São Paulo, in the Parelheiros region, Marsilac, where it houses the largest and most conserved remnant of the Atlantic Forest of São Paulo, protected by the environmental protection areas APAs Capivari Monos and Bororé Colônia.



R $ 169,00 - Rappelling + Tirolesa

R $ 185,00 - Sup + Tirolesa

R $ 185,00 - Buoy Cross + Tirolesa

R $ 205,00 - Sup + Rappel + Tirolesa

R $ 205,00 - Buoy Cross + Rappel + Tirolesa

R $ 260,00 - Rafting + Tirolesa

03/10 - Adventure Combos (Buoy Cross, Rafting, Sup, Tyrolean or Rappel)

Choose your package
    • Option of adventure combos choose:
    • Rafting and zip lines
    • Rappelling and zip lining
    • Sup and Zipline
    • Sup and Rappel
    • Cross and Tyrolean Buoy
    • Cross and Abseiling Buoy


    • A eating area with snack bar (where only food and drinks from the snack bar itself can be consumed)
    • Another area for Picnic (for those who bring their own food and drink)
    • River bathing area, a space for river bathing and contemplation of nature with the activities offered on site.
    • Local guide
    • Tour guide

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