The East Light Temple is a replica of Japan's Horyu-Ji Temple, built to be a space for contemplation, beauty and peace close to nature.
There are 70 thousand square meters dedicated to faith and spirituality. With access via own boat, it takes 20 minutes of navigation through the Billings dam to reach the temple.

Paranapiacaba: What was just a workers' camp turned into the village of Paranapiacaba "a place where you can see the sea", which was created by the first railway in the state of São Paulo, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Barão de Mauá found in the English ideal partners to carry out the project, everything happened due to the expansion of coffee.

30/01 - Tower of Miroku and Paranapiacaba

SKU: Torre de Miroku
    • 2 same-day tours Ribeirão Pires and Paranapiacaba
    • Boat ride

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